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Steps On How To Use Kaduna Airport For Your International Travel

On Tuesday, the Nigeria government closed the only international airport serving the nation’s capital, for maintenance and repairs. Because of this closure, all travellers are redirected to Kaduna international airport until when the maintenance is over. There are lots of things that you need to be considered if you are using Kaduna airport for the first time. It may look like a disheartening task but if you follow this steps on how to use Kaduna airport for your international travel

Many travellers are asking different kinds of questions like which airline will I use, what do I do when I get to the airport, where do I buy my ticket, what is the distance between Kaduna and Abuja, what is the security situation in Kaduna and lots more. You don’t need to worry, the aim of this article Steps on how to use Kaduna airport for your international travel is to give you tips that can make your trip much easier and less stressful.

Steps On How To Use Kaduna Airport For Your International Travel
Plane – pixabay.com
Buy your Tickets

The ticket is one of the documents that will give you access to the aeroplane, using Kaduna airport instead of Abuja airport does not mean you will not buy a ticket. Go to your favourite airline to book or call your travel agent to book your tickets. I think, for now, the only international airline that agreed to use Kaduna airport is, Ethiopia airlines as others declined. You can use local flights from Kaduna to Lagos then continue with any other international airlines if you don’t like Ethiopia airlines.

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Travel Documents

Travel documents are essential; find out if the country you’re visiting requires a visa. Some countries require a visa before arrival while some require a visa on arrival. Find out first before going to Kaduna international airport. Also, endeavour to make a copy of all travel documents in case of loss. You can upload to Google drive or email it to a friend.

Travel Insurance

I will write about this topic because many travellers do not know the importance of travel insurance. However, some countries like France will not allow you to enter without travel insurance. Take a proactive action against any unforeseen contingencies. Go get your travel insurance today.

You Need A Map

Yes, you need a map of Kaduna airport; it will help you a lot. Study the map so that it will guard you in and around the airport. Of course, it will save you time.

Baggage Check

You need to stay abreast with baggage information. Recently, Dubai introduced new baggage rules. Check your airline baggage requirements and know the Kg that you are required to carry. Ensure that all the restricted items are not in your bag. If you don’t know any of the restricted items contact Kaduna airport for more information on restricted items.

Security Check

This is one of the stages you cannot skip at the airport. Because of the security situation in Nigeria, Kaduna airport needs to beef up gadgets at the airport. It is important for you to know or understand the airport screening process and all the security instructions. This will help you stay optimistic since you already know the airport security procedure. It will also save your time.

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Arrive Early

Since you are using Kaduna airport for the first time, it is advisable you go to the airport on time, at least 3hours before departure, so that you can familiarise yourself with the airport. If you will need a parking lot for those that will be going with their car, contact the airport so that you will know what is involved.

Check –in

Immediately you arrive at the airport, locate your airline counter for check-in. print your boarding pass. In case you missed my article on check in, read it here.

Steps On How To Use Kaduna Airport For Your International Travel
Waiting for flight – Pixabay.com
Wait for your flight

After check-in, the next step is to locate your gate. Look at the boarding pass, your gate number is there. Wait for the plane to arrive and also pay attention to know when you will be departing.

Wear comfortable clothing

Wear any clothes that will make you comfortable, because what you wear can make or mare your trip.

On Arrival

Immediately you arrive at Kaduna Airport, for those that are arriving. Exit the plane, move to the arrival hall and wait for your bag.


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